Hi. I’m JPL–or J. P. Langsdorf, or my actual first/middle name if you actually know who I am, or have successfully deduced it through google (it’s probably not hard, but really, I prefer JPL in this venue). I write fiction and sometimes other things that are not fiction, though I would hesitate to call them non-fiction.

I live and work in Northern Virginia, but I usually tell people Washington, D.C., because it makes my geographic location easier to comprehend. I have a day job (relieved, right?), a wife who tolerates me, and two cats that delight in tormenting me. When I’m not writing–which is entirely too often–I am usually busy with one of the aforementioned or with any of my hobbies or interests: coffee, books (of course), historical reenactment, local theatre, fencing, or the glorious world of video games. I have a secret love affair with history and esoterica that many friends and acquaintances have come to hate, but I just can’t help myself.

That’s me. I’d be delighted to know about you, too. Hit the comment button and say some words about yourself.

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  1. SharonEAO says:

    I am currently reading ITGN, and enjoying it thoroughly. Ecstatic is a word I would use to describe how I feel about the fact that you have more projects in the works. It is particularly exciting that you mentioned a more fantasy genre! Keep up the good work!

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