New Book!

I wrote a book! You probably knew that. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You probably want to know more, though, so here we go.

My book looks like this:

ITGN Cover on desk

There is a beer hiding behind it to make it more enticing, and a pen in front to suggest the allure of a signature! If you like that kind of thing. (Fact: Pen was actually used for signing books!) You can buy my book on Amazon, either in sexy paperback or snazzy electronic Kindle form.

The back of the book reads like this:

Oliver’s life wasn’t exactly an American Dream come true, but it wasn’t bad. He was happy, even if his job wasn’t everything he wanted it to be, and he had friends; he had his fiancée, Paige. Most of all, he had hopes. Aspirations. Things left to do.

But when a brutal attack ejects his very spirit from his body, leaving it stricken in a coma, Oliver finds his very existence threatened. Unable to touch or to communicate with the living, Oliver must unravel the peculiarities of the attempt on his life and get back to his body before it expires without him—or before his would-be killer takes another crack at the job.

Which reads kind of like the back of any book, so let me say a few more things about it.

Into That Good Night is about death, dying, and trying to avoid those things. It is a supernatural mystery/thriller set in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area–but to be honest, I’ve heard this genre called ‘paranormal,’ ‘urban fantasy,’ and all kinds of other crazy things. It’s your world + supernatural elements, in particular ghosts and magic.

I enjoyed writing it. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Preview chapters can be found here.

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