PAX East

Heading to PAX today. I’ll have a copy of Into That Good Night on me for general “Look, I made this!” purposes, but mostly I’m just there to be there. And to assassinate people, which is possibly the best meta-con-game I’ve heard of.

I’ll be on the PAX train (Sonic line, if I recall correctly), ready for on-the-way games and some writing. I have some things to shake loose.

In related news, my first royalties have made their way to me, which is an excellent feeling. I am by no means capable of retiring into the lap of luxury, but it is nice nonetheless. It’s a symbol, really. Now I just need to get the hang of this self-promotion thing, something I have never been particularly great at. It always feels self-indulgent or arrogant, but I guess if you’re trying to write for a living, you’re already self-indulging.

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