Posted in July 2013

I wrote a thing that was performed, and now it’s over.

I wrote a while back about a show, Violent Delights, for which I did some script work (and also a shocking level of performance). Shortly after that post I got so heavily immersed in bringing that construct to fruition that I lost a lot of my other free time, including time spent here. It was worth it–good times were had, a troupe born, and I lost like 15 pounds from all the physical exercise–but it was definitely taxing, and anyway, that’s why I was quiet around here.

The show’s seventh and final performance was last Friday, and we reveled like madmen to celebrate its passing on the next day. I’m sure our deeds that day will be repeated as hazy legends for years to come. Or, at least, they should. But I digress. The show ended, and now I have time again to do things like, you know, write. (Which is good, because I was going a little crazy)

First order of business is a short story for Oliver, which will be submitted to a compilation of local writers. I’ll post if anything comes of it, but even if nothing does, it’ll be available for viewing (here, if nowhere else). This is separate from the other string of short stories I was working on, but I suspect they’ll crawl out of the woodwork sometime in… oh… Winter? Because between now and then, I will be working on the sequel to Into That Good Night.

Oh, yes. You read that correctly.

No details yet, but know that I’m working on it. I may also lend my hand to some of Off the Quill’s next endeavors, but not in quite so involved a way as I just did. I am staying off stage for a while. I’m sure you’ll hear about that, too.