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Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hi there.

Today the site goes live. Technically it’s been around for a couple weeks now, but it’s taken a while to get into an acceptably visible state–I kind of blame my day job and kind of blame my own lack of familiarity with websites. I’ll endeavor to do better.

But the site is here. There’s not much to know yet–I wrote a book, I think it’s pretty awesome, and I encourage you to read a few preview chapters to decide if you like it or not (and then buy it if you do). There is some information about me if you’re into that kind of thing. Otherwise this will just be a place to broadcast my general musings and thoughts.

It’s early yet, but if you happen to have found me and are not a spammer or a bot (fun fact: this site has been quiet and mostly empty for two weeks but already has spam! Amazing), feel free to drop a comment or just poke around. I’m glad to have you here.